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Surfers For Salvation is dedicated to encouraging and empowering today’s youth through mentoring, serving, and surfing.
No donation is too small 100% of donations go to helping kids & families All donations make you feel good and are tax deductible

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Miramar, Nicaragua


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Nicolas Turner
President / Founder

Nic has a strong desire to share God’s love with our youth, while helping them establish a foundational relationship with Christ that they can carry with them into the future.

Chad Parvin
Vice President

Chad is an integral part of SFS helping with every aspect of our missions and operations so our reach can help as many as possible.


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How do we help people?

SCHOOL UNIFORMS / We have been working closely over the past 7 years with Local pastor Adrian Martinez and other community leaders that select students in thier community that want to further there education. What started with 5 kids back in 2011, has turned into life changing events for youth of Miramar. In 2016, we were able to provide 35 kids with school uniforms, backpacks, shoes, and enough supplies for the entire school year. This has always been our first mission. Getting kids school uniforms and supplies is a great way to lift them up and to let them know how important education is. Hopefully these are the kids that will be able to make real change in there community... One Day

CLEAN WATER / Working closely with Local pastor Adrian Martinez, community leaders and Filters of Hope, we were able to bring over 40 families the gift of clean drinking water in 2016. During our tirp, we organized demonstrations in 3 different villages helping to edjucate and teach them the value of the filters. This year, with your help, we want to double that number!

OURTREACH / Your donation dollars go to help feed local kids every at youth group every Wednesday while they are being fed the word of God. We work with Marta, a local grocery owner, who has been helping us for years!

Through your support, donations and prayers we are able to continue to provide the necessary support while we on our missions. Bring rice, beans, clothes, bibles, hygiene kits and other supplies to those less fortunate in the Puerto Sandino area. In 2016 we helped over 400 familie and are looking to increase that number in 2017!

Nice to know our dollars keep on working for months after we leave.

2016 Mission - Miramar, Nicaragua
Just some surfers who are helping along the way.

2016 Mission - Miramar, Nicaragua

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Next Mission Trip

Miramar, Nicaragua